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Hiking in Tux

Here you really can’t miss the call of the mountains… because our very own Tux valley is higher than the rest of the Zillertal. And that means alpine meadows, crystal-clear mountain lakes and historic mountain forests - you can explore nature in all its glory on over 350 km of hiking trails. From leisurely walks and easy hikes to mountain tours and alpine and summit tours – the diversity of our region is a real draw. Hiking in Tux is a fascinating experience!

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Reccomendation - easy hikes

BRANDALM: start in Tux-Lanersbach & duration 2 hours | HÖHENWEG TO JUNS: start in Tux-Lanersbach & duration 2 hours 

Reccomendation - moderatly difficult hikes

HÖLLENSTEINHÜTTE (Grieralm): start in Tux-Lanersbach & duration 3 hours | TETTENSJOCH: start in Tux-Lanersbach & duration 5 - 6 hours


We are happy to recommend specific hikes and give you a few inside tips for your mountain hikes. If you can´t wait to get started, here is some more information

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