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where time gets more value

About us

We make sure that you make the most of every second!

The Aparthotel Dorfplatzl is a hotel where we slow down the clock for you. Well that’s what we like to claim. This gives you more time to concentrate on the essentials, to devote yourself completely to pure unadulterated enjoyment. The pleasure of well-being, relaxation and recreation. Tell us what you want, and we will do everything to make your wish come true. This frees up more time for you.

Yes…more time. The ultimate luxury!


"The best hotel! in every way :)
Dear Nina & Ossi, you give every guest the feeling they are special! It was again, like the last 3 years, wonderful. The room 'Rastkogel' is our favorite, everything very clean, the breakfast very good, and the new wellness area is beautiful! Don´t forget the in-house pizzeria! We will come back, we do every year!"

Lisa & Leo/

Making time last longer!

We have come to be known as a warm and welcoming family-run hotel. Nothing could make us prouder, as that is exactly what we are: the third generation of passionate hosts. We go all out to cultivate this passion, as we sincerely believe that you should start relaxing as soon as you start making your holiday plans. That’s why we give you a helping hand before, during and after your booking with quick and precise information. Many services are already included in the booking, such as breakfast in your room on request, daily cleaning of the rooms, the Playarena complete with childcare in the immediate vicinity, our spa area, the e-charger station right in front of the door, and much more. But that’s not all. If you want, we can relieve you of all the other time-consuming tasks. We can organise ski passes, ski equipment, mountain and e-bikes, food shopping and even your barbecue box for a family barbecue on the balcony.

Eure Gastgeber - Familie Gredler ©Aparthotel Dorfplatzl
Familie Gredler ©Aparthotel Dorfplatzl
Eure Gastgeber ©Aparthotel Dorfplatzl

A pioneering spirit and passion

the Gredler family

Today, you will be given a warm welcome to the Aparthotel Dorfplatzl by Ossi and Nina, as well as Oswald Gredler senior and Gabi. But it all began back in 1926.

The first generation

That is the year when the grandfather, Alois Gredler, and his mother opened the so-called “Bormerloden”, a general store. This marked the beginning of the Gredler family history at the present location. When the grandfather had to go off to war, his mother took over the reins of the business. After returning from the war, Alois married his wife Hildegard, who was still working within the firm until 2010.

In 1954, Alois founded Spar Tirol-Salzburg with the Reisch family and 8 other founding families. Shortly afterwards, the grocery store was expanded and converted to self-service, which was very much a novelty back then. This is also when the first guest rooms were rented out, attracting people longing to escape the summer heat in the beautiful Tux high valley.

The second generation

With the handover to the son, Oswald, in 1976 the Dorfplatzl adopted its current name. And with its extraordinary combination of apartments, rooms, pizzeria and Spar supermarket, the Dorfplatzl adopted the diverse services for which it is so highly appreciated by our guests today. One of the first initiatives was to install a sustainable wood chip heating system. The ongoing programme of additions and extensions and investments made to upgrade the facilities of the apartment hotel continued until 1987.

Strength in unity – the second and third generation

Since 2007, Ossi has also been working in the family business, heralding a string of successive renovations and modernisations. In 2008, the part of our hotel built in 1976 was completely renovated. In 2010, we revamped the entrance area of our Spar grocery store and invested in heat recovery systems that cut down drastically on the consumption of natural resources. In 2012, Nina came on board and with her the next generation of the Gredler family: Our little Emma was born in 2015, our little Oliver in 2017.

In addition to building a family, we have, of course, also forged ahead with our investments: In 2016 we completely refurbished our supermarket and opened it in August 2016 as a miniM supermarket operated by the MPreis retail chain. Only one year later, in the summer of 2017, we demolished our neighbouring house Dorfhütte, paving the way for an extension to our apartment hotel. This allowed us to create technical and storage rooms, the new kitchen for our pizzeria, a pleasant lounge for our hard-working staff and extensions to the rooms, as well as seven new and converted apartments. In the autumn, with the works lasting only 6 weeks, we redesigned the new reception area with a spacious reception desk and the new and enlarged Pizzeria Platzl. We firmly believe in the importance of continuous improvements and upgrades in order to keep up our high standards. After all, we may want time to stand still for our guests, but that doesn’t mean that we want to be stuck back in time!