Apartment Ahornspitze 80m²

Samsung Smart TV with over 50 channels

High Speed WiFi Internet

Fully equipped kitchen unit with

Crockery, pots and pans; stove, microwave and refrigerator; dish towels, sponge and detergents

3 bedrooms with box spring beds

Bathroom with shower, bathtub and separate toilet

Spacious living rooms with couch and comfortable sitting area

3 balconies

We make your holiday unforgettable!
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Altitude: 2976m above sea level

The Ahornspitze rises about 2.5 kilometres above Mayrhofen and can be seen from here to the east.

Ascent: Day tour; Usually the lowest 1300 meters of altitude from Mayrhofen are covered by the Ahornbahn. The further path then leads to Karl von Edel-Hütte (2238 m). From there steeper on a well marked path to the summit. In good weather it is certainly worth crossing the summit and descending via Popbergschneide, Popbergnieder (2448 m) down to Edel-Hütte (or vice versa). If you miss the last Ahornbahn, you have to descend the entire 2350 meters down to Mayrhofen – with correspondingly soft knees afterwards!

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