For the sake of the environment

Electric car charging stations

Running a hotel and restaurant in the Zillertal nature region, the environment is of course very important to us. We live surrounded by and in harmony with nature and are therefore committed to sustainability and environmental protection in our daily work. That is why you can now find three charging stations for environmentally friendly electric cars at the Hotel Dorfplatzl. Unquestionably, electricity will play an increasingly important role in traffic. Emission-free, powered by renewable energy, quiet yet powerful, electric cars are the direct route to the future of a world that needs to find new solutions in the transport sector. And we would like to do our bit within the scope of our own possibilities. The Tesla Connectors at our hotel make it possible for our guests to travel to us with an eco-friendly electric car and to enjoy a great holiday with us in the Zillertal.

As a Tesla Charging Partner, we offer the guests of our Hotel Dorfplatzl and the Pizzeria Platzl in Tux the convenient option to charge the electric car right in front of our doors. In fact, while electric cars are an excellent idea, they are still few and far between, as are the charging stations they need. But the power to operate these cars has to come from somewhere – our hotel and restaurant are therefore a stop-off point for all environmentally aware drivers who care as much about nature as we do.

Onward travel by electric car through our region is no problem if you want to stop off at the Hotel Dorfplatzl or in the Pizzeria Platzl in Tux – because here you will definitely find a Zillertal charging station. With our three Tesla Connectors, each with a power of up to 22 kilowatts, as a Tesla Charging Partner, we want to make a further contribution to the protection and preservation of the environment and, at the same time, offer our guests the convenient option of charging their electric cars directly at our establishment. Drive up, connect, ready – your car is charging, and you can relax!

Tesla Destination Charging is setting out to increase the density of the charging station network for e-cars throughout Europe. At the Hotel Dorfplatzl you will find a Zillertal charging station to enjoy your perfect holiday with the eco-conscious electric car – in line with the motto: arrive, connect and relax. If you opt for a holiday at the Dorfplatzl in Tux, no need to worry about finding the next charging station, because you can find it right at our hotel. This is not only practical for you, but also makes a real contribution to the sustainable use of our environment, nature and our resources.

So, visit us with the electric car and you’ll find that your car won’t be the only thing recharging its batteries. You too are guaranteed to be firing on four cylinders again after a stay at our family-run apartment hotel and restaurant that has everything it takes to energise you! We look forward to connecting with you!

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